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Using Your Account


Login to your account using your account number and password.

On the menu bar shown below click the "My Account” link


Account Information - Contains 4 tabs (Details, Transactions, Bets, and Funding).

DETAILS TAB - Consist of Account Details, Personal Details, Contact Details, and Address.

You can edit any of these details here.


On the Transactions tab: Select "Start date”, "End date” and Select any of the "Transaction Type” listed on the drop down to view History of all transactions from your chosen "Start date to End date”.


The Bets tab: Select "Start date”, "End date” and Select any of the "Bet Type” to view History of Pending/ Winning or Losing bets


The Funding tab consist of Type, Bank, and Amount - Under "Type” drop down Select Deposit or Withdrawal, than under Bank drop down Select a bank, and insert the amount you wish to withdraw or deposit.

* Deposit – To deposit funds to your betting account
* Withdraw – To withdraw funds from your betting account

Select the bank account which you would like the funds to be deposited into from bank drop down.

Enter the amount which you would like to withdraw in the amount field and click on the "Submit" button.

The Betting World department will have received a withdrawal notification and will endeavour to confirm your withdrawal as quickly as possible. Please note that Betting World processes two batches of withdrawal requests on a daily basis (Monday - Friday). The first is processed around 11h30 and the second around 16h00.