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The following shall apply to Numbers-


All numbers bets are based on the numbers that are drawn from the respective lotto or powerball.


Bonus ball(s) or powerball(s) will be included if the option is selected at the time that the bet is placed.


Bonus ball or powerball bet types are applicable to the bonus ball or powerball only.


All numbers bets for a specific draw must be placed and confirmed before the first number is drawn. If, for any reason, a bet is placed after the first number is drawn, the bet will be void and the stakes returned.


All bets are valid for the draw that is recorded on the bet confirmation, i.e. account statement or ticket.


If a numbers draw time is re-scheduled to another time within 24 hours of the advertised time of the draw all bets on that draw will stand unless the bets placed are late.


Numbers draws shall be resulted in accordance with the first official result as obtained from the official lotto or powerball website, irrespective of any subsequent revocation of that result due to disqualification or otherwise.


If, for any reason, Betting World is unable to obtain all the details necessary to settle any market for a specific draw within 48 hours, then all bets on that market will be void.


If a customer selects four (4) numbers and three of those balls are drawn, there is no payout, likewise with 2 and 3 numbers etc. All of the selected numbers need to be drawn in order for the bet to win.

Numbers results shall be obtained from the following official sources:

SA Lotto

SA Lotto Plus

SA Powerball

UK Lottery

UK 49s

Canadian Lotto

Greek Lotto

Greek Powerball

Hong Kong Lotto

Spanish Lotto