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Application of this section (rule 26)


In all betting relating to sports, other than horseracing, the rules relating to betting on horses/contestants shall apply mutatis mutandis to all circumstances not covered by the provisions of this section.


The "Deduction Table" as listed in rule 18 shall apply to this section.


"Betting in-running" shall apply to all sports and other contingencies.


For settlement purposes in respect of sports event or contingencies the medal ceremony, prize giving or podium presentation will count as the official result.

Void bets (rule 27)

Unless otherwise specified in the rules applying to a specific sport, where a fixed odds selection is taken on an individual or team and such individual or team-


is a "no show”;


is eliminated prior to the event through injury or sickness;


is eliminated from the competition due to a technical infringement, excluding mechanical breakdown, crash, fall or injury during the event;

such a selection will be void.