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Golf (rule 32)

The following shall apply to golf-


(a) Where a tournament which is scheduled for 72 holes and play is abandoned for any reason, all selections on the outcome of the tournament are void, unless an official result is declared by the relevant recognised governing body within 48 hours.

(b) In the event that a tournament is abandoned prior to completion of the scheduled number of holes any selections placed after the point in the tournament where no further play occurred are deemed void


Where a tournament is suspended by the recognised governing body and no official result declared under circumstances where the balance of the tournament is intended to be rescheduled, all bets not yet determined are to be held in trust by the bookmaker until a result is declared by the relevant recognised governing body. In these circumstances, if a result is not declared within 7 days of the original scheduled commencement date; all selections not yet determined are deemed void.


(a) All outright bets are settled on the player who wins the trophy and any play-off holes will be taken into account when determining the winner of a tournament.

(b) In the case of place bets where there is a tie after completion of the predetermined number of holes (subject to rule 32 (1) and 32 (2) herein), the revised payout payable shall be calculated by the following method: (i) divide the face value of the sports bet (the original payout and the original stake) by the number of competitors involved in the tie, draw or dead-heat, then (ii) multiply the figure obtained in (i) by the number of official placings to be filled by the competitors involved in the tie, draw or dead-heat.

Example 1: Tiger Woods wins a tournament, Ernie Els comes 2nd and Adam Scott, Retief Goosen, Vijay Singh and Michael Campbell finish in a tie for 3rd place. If you have selected Scott to finish in the placings at 5/1 and you wagered 1000/200 the original payout of 1000 would be divided by 4 leaving the face value of the bet at 250/50. The official placings filled by the competitors who have tied is 2 (assuming you are paying the top 4 places), viz: 3rd and 4th place, so the bet would become 500/100.

Example 2: Woods wins a tournament, Els and Scott tie for 2nd, Goosen, Singh, Campbell and Garcia tie for 4th.Your wager is 2000/500 on Garcia to finish in the top 4.Your bet would be 500/125.


Selections shall become void on any player failing to tee off in the first round and subsequent withdrawals shall be deemed to be losers.


A player who tees off is deemed "under orders" and all outright and match bets stand.


The following applies to "make the cut” betting-

(a) for selection to stand the selected player must play 36 holes (or 54 holes where the cut is made at that point);

(b) if a player is deemed to have made the cut if the player is eligible to play in the round after the cut has been made (even if he chooses not to). If a player is not eligible to do so (even if the rules for the cut have been changed during the tournament) that player is deemed to have missed the cut.


The following applies to tournament group betting-

(a) this is the betting on specified groups of players to achieve the lowest individual aggregate (or the best placing) for the whole tournament irrespective of how far each player progresses;

(b) selections shall become void on any player in that group who fails to start the tournament and deduction rules shall apply on the remaining players in that group; and

(c) dead heat rules applicable to horse racing shall apply if two or more players tie for 1st place in the group.


The following applies to tournament match betting-

(a) this is betting on specified pairings to achieve the higher placing (or the lowest individual aggregate score) for the whole tournament, on a selected day or a number of selected days;

(b) prices are quoted for the tie in match betting (i.e. both players to achieve the same overall score after 72 holes, inclusive of when the number of holes has been reduced providing that it is not fewer than 36 holes and an official result has been declared by the recognised governing body);

(c) and if either player fails to take any part in the tournament, or if the specific round is abandoned, selections on that match shall become void; and

(d) play-off holes do not count; unless the bet was made specifically to exclude the tie; i.e. one player to win outright against another in the tournament match betting scenario.

(e) If one player misses the cut, the other is deemed the winner and where both players miss the cut, the player with the lowest score when the cut is made cut will be the winner.


The following applies to two, three and four balls matches-

(a) all bets are settled on the lowest single round score over the specified 18 holes play and all 18 holes must be completed;

(b) if a player starts a round but fails to complete it, all bets on that player will be deemed losers regardless of score;

(c) all selections shall become void if the specified round is abandoned or if any one of the players fails to start the round;

(d) dead-heat rules applicable to horse racing shall apply for three and four balls if more than one player achieves the lowest score, unless a tie is quoted;

(e) a tie will be quoted for two-ball betting and where a tie occurs all bets on players are losers, unless it clearly states that betting is quoted with no tie;

(f) in the event of a player listed in a three or four-ball withdrawing before the event has started all selections on that specific three or four ball are void;

(g) If for any reason a player withdraws or is disqualified during the tournament after he has teed off (i.e. played one stroke), all bets will stand on that three or four ball;

(h) If 2 or 3 players are tied on the same score they will be settled as a dead heat for betting purposes, unless they are involved in a playoff, where the winner of the three or four ball is the golfer with the lowest finishing score. If all three or four golfers miss the cut the player with the lowest score will be deemed the winner.