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Cricket (rule 31)

The following shall apply to cricket-


Limited Overs (one day matches)

(a) In any limited-overs match, all bets will be settled in accordance with official competition rules including matches where a reduction of overs takes place.

(b) If a match is abandoned due to outside interference and no official result is declared, all selections will be void.

(c) In a weather affected match, where the minimum number of overs necessary to declare a match or result, has not been bowled, all selections on the game will be void, except those bets where the contingency bet on has already been concluded.

(d) Bets on matches that are reduced in length but not abandoned, including "in-running” bets, will stand provided that the match has been completed and an official result declared. This applies whether the result is determined by the Duckworth/Lewis method or any other form of calculation used to determine the official result.

(e) All total runs bets on a single innings will stand regardless of how many overs have been bowled so long as an official result is declared.

(f) Bets will stand for all postponed matches so long as they are played within 24 hours. If there is a change of venue or team selection, selections will be declared void.

(g) When a match is tied-

(i) top batsman, bowler and total bets shall stand;

(ii) match selections are void unless tie betting is quoted.

(h) In "top batsman” and "top bowler” betting, and "runs scored by an individual batsman” or "wickets taken by individual bowlers”-

(i) selections on any player not in the starting eleven shall be void;

(ii) selections shall become void in a match where at least one ball has not been bowled to both sides

(iii) top batsman and bowler bets will stand so long as the player is picked to play in the match irrespective of whether he bats/bowls or not and such players will be deemed to have scored zero runs and taken zero wickets respectively;

(iv) head to head bets in this sub rule require at least one ball to have been bowled and a minimum of 25 overs to have been bowled or the relevant innings to have been completed to stand. In the event of a tie, head- to- head selections will be void.

(v) selections on an individual batsman’s runs will be void if he does not face at least one ball;

(vi) dead-heat rules apply for "top batsman/bowler” and "catches” betting;

(vii) if a match is abandoned before a bowler can complete his allotted overs or take more wickets than the other bowler then selections are void


Five day matches-

(a) Top batsman/bowler rules apply as for limited overs matches.

(b) At least one ball must be bowled for bets to stand, otherwise affected selections are void.

(c) If a match is officially abandoned due to outside interference and no official result is declared, then undecided selections on the match are void.

(d) In the event of a tie, i.e.: both teams have completed two innings each and have the same score, dead-heat rules will apply, and bets on the draw will be losing bets.


Series betting: test or one day-

(a) Selections are void if the designated number of matches in the series is not completed, unless a sufficient number of matches have been played to determine the series.

(b) correct score selections shall become void if the stipulated number of matches is not played.


Tournament or Series

In a tournament or series, where a bet on an outright winner has been taken and the trophy is shared due to a tie or a no result, dead-heat rules apply. However, selections on a team to win a final are void if the match ends in a tie.