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Betting Made Easy

Betting can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience as long as you remember the golden rule, to bet with your head and not your heart!

This betting guide explains common betting terminology and how to go about placing a bet on a horse race, sporting event or numbers draw.

How to get started

Consider where you want to bet, e.g. online via our website or mobile betting platform, via one of our call centres, or in any Betting World outlet nationwide.

Decide on the type of bet you want, e.g. fixed odds or tote.

Consider the various bet types each of the above offers, e.g. win, place, multiple, etc.

Understand the betting rules before placing your bet, e.g. limits, taxation, scratchings and deductions, etc.

Place your bet, check that is it correct and keep proof thereof (never destroy your ticket until you are certain of the result).

In the event that your bet wins, collect and confirm your winnings.

Most importantly, have fun and use your passion for sport to possibly make a little profit.